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Custom Auto System Fabrication and Chassis Design (CVABFC)

Advanced Certification


The Custom car system Fabrication and Chassis Design certificate focuses on advanced level human anatomy and paint techniques regularly customize cars and switch them into "rolling showpieces." Pupils will expand on knowledge obtained in the Auto system Repair program. Employed in teams, pupils will build, total and show a project car. Pupils will learn advanced level sheet steel fabrication and building of a custom automobile chassis. Areas of research will include various types of building materials and their utilizes, measurement, pattern development, technical design, fastener choice, MIG and TIG welding and frame design and suspension types. Various other topics like candies, pearls, tri-stage paint tasks and also the application of custom visuals should be talked about. Upon acquiring this advanced certificate, work options may include niche store professional, custom paint professional and material fabricator/welder.

Contact Information

Division Adv Tech/Public Serv Jobs Division Automotive System Division Advisors


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Major/Area Requirements
Course Subject Credits
Custom Car Body Professional I
Custom Fabrication and Chassis Design I
Personalized Auto Body Technician II
Custom Fabrication and Chassis Design II
Complete 16
Total Credits Required

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