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Chocolate Airbrush

action 1Step 1

Mix cocoa butter (50per cent) and milk or dark chocolate (50%) and let them melt at ±40°C. Blend really collectively. Allow to cool to 35°C before spraying. Put the combine in to the airbrush container.
Should you want to spray with a white chocolate, you will need to change the proportions slightly: 60per cent white chocolate and 40percent cocoa butter. White chocolate is definitely more liquid compared to the other kinds of chocolate.

Step Two

Stick the hollow figure onto a chocolate 'foot' with tempered chocolate. Or even, then utilize a receiver or holder to ensure the figure continues to be fixed and steady while spraying. Put some paper or a stainless steel dish under the figure. During spraying the combination can simply distribute around.

Step 3

Step 3Spray from about 40 to 50cm from the figure.


Are you spraying a hollow figure at room-temperature? Then the cocoa butter-chocolate combination squirt leaves a light glazing layer.
Have you been spraying a hollow figure at deep freeze heat? Then squirt leaves a velvety finish.

Stap 5

Leave to harden for around 30 minutes or more. Be cautious in order to prevent finger scars whenever you move the figure.

Which Callebaut items are most suitable to this?

Cocoa butter Callebaut CB.

All covers with a total fat content of 35per cent (cocoa butter and milk fat) are suitable.

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