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Moto-9 Carbon

Breaking the Mold

No two craniums are formed a similar, and when you need absolutely the perfect for your head, there’s absolutely nothing a lot better than a customized fit. Utilizing a proprietary, 3D imaging system, Bell has created an industry-first, custom-mold procedure for Moto-9 and celebrity Carbon. The end result is a fit like no other helmet on the planet, made to your exact specifications.

Ultralight Body Weight

Moto-9 magnetic cheek shieldsThe Moto-9 Carbon is made out of the Ultra-light TriMatrix composite carbon fiber layer.

Magnetized Cheek Pads

Bell's magnetic cheekpad system enables simple helmet removal in disaster circumstances.

  • Magnefusion Emergency Production Program (M.E.R.S.)

QuickFlip Visor Screws

Bell's Flying Bridge Visor is very easily modified with two hand-in-glove flexible QuickFlip screws that solidly keep the visor set up.

Moto-9 QuickFlip visorVelocity Flow Ventilation

Bell's Velocity Flow Ventilation System virtually draws environment through the helmet, keeping the driver cool.

The celebrity Carbon is constructed with a TriMatrix composite carbon dietary fiber layer, shaving 100 grams off the non-carbon version.

ClickRelease Shields

Moto-9 air flowBell's easily detachable changes ClickRelease Shield instantly adapts to light conditions, darkening whenever subjected to sunlight and clearing in low light.

Velocity Flow Ventilation

Bell's Velocity Flow Ventilation program virtually draws air through the helmet, maintaining the rider cooler.

  • Several Adjustable Vents

Custom built for total domination

Bell pushes the boundaries of innovation so our professional athletes can push the boundaries of speed. Their Custom-Fit Star Carbon & Moto-9 helmets deliver unrivaled fit and supreme comfort so that they can give attention to a very important factor — WINNING.

Plan of Events

Warning: Motorcycling is a dangerous sport that might result in serious damage and/or demise. For correct using your helmet, please relate to the owner’s manual.

celebrity Carbon Star Carbon ClickRelease shields celebrity Carbon air flow MIPS technology

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