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Badger Air Brush Kit

BADGER® 200®


Badger's 200® Series provides the easier single action operation while supplying the fine squirt structure of interior mix paint atomization for expert outcomes. Depressing the trigger releases a pre-set quantity of shade that can easily be controlled by turning a needle adjustment screw at the rear of the airbrush handle. When the desired paint circulation is scheduled the airbrush will keep up with the predetermined squirt pattern before individual decides to improve it.


Simplicity tends to make this the most truly effective option for the advanced design painter or decorative stenciler. Also an excellent airbrush for artwork posters, car detailing and ceramics. The Model 200 will spray inks, dyes, watercolors, gouaches, precisely paid down acrylics, fabric shows, modeling shows, automotive lacquers and enamels, many ceramic stains and glazes, Air-Tex®, Air-Opaqueª and MODELflex® airbrush colors. (Available in just one head design or detail design).

• range of 3/4 oz. (22ml), 2 oz. (60ml), or 3 oz. (90ml) paint jars, and 1/4 oz. (7ml) free- standing color glass (Bottom feed only)
• colors cup and one-piece jar adaptor taper-fit for quick shade change (Bottom feed only)
• Self-lubricating PTFE needle bearing makes it possible for continuous appropriate paint circulation and prevents needle wear
• PTFE head seal assures efficient air flow
• Non-slip, one-piece trigger
• Fine (F) - pencil line to 2" (51mm) squirt design
• moderate (M) - 1/32" (0.8mm) to 2 1/2" (63mm) squirt pattern


The best single action inner combine detail airbrush ever before. The Model 200-20 is designed aided by the PPS paint circulation adjusting system, allowing recurring reliability in squirt pattern and range control.


Provides single action simplicity in a gravity feed airbrush. Enables "close-in"

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