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Badger Airbrush Kit with compressor

The exact same as SYSTEM A, however the compressor features an on-board regulator so that you can adjust the atmosphere stress.

System includes:

  • 1 Type G airbrush
  • 1 8 foot hose with mini- B-5 fittings on each end
  • 1 Lightweight Desktop compressor with regulator
  • 1 construction and test by specialized influence Supply Corp.

Add Model # Description Price
A-E Airbrush Program, Anthem, 180-10 N/A

PROGRAM A-D, Anthem, Deluxe

  • 1 Anthem airbrush set, which comes with a hose pipe
  • 1 Compressor with auto-shut off function.
  • 1 Diaphragm regulator, water-trap, filter, combo

V-E Airbrush System, Vega 2000, 180-10

SYSTEM V-D, Vega 2000, Deluxe

This technique is certainly one full action a lot better than the machine V-E in that it offers a much better regulator, measure and filter combination and also the compressor has got the auto-shut off feature. Basically in the wonderful world of airbrushing this is certainly a fully professional setup.

  • 1 Vega airbrush ready, which is sold with a hose

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