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Airbrush Tattoo Supplies, Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Materials and Airbrush Painting Materials

EBA’s temporary airbrush tattoo supplies create a far more efficient company operation by addressing several problems generally observed in an airbrush tattoo business. For total information for the desired airbrush tattoo supplies, kindly choose your desired airbrush tattoo item or click “Read even more” for additional information.

Airbrush Products: Z-8 Manifold
Airbrush tattoo supplies for instance the EBA Z-8 airbrush holder will considerably eliminate the importance of short-term airbrush tattoo products required for your airbrush tattoo operation while significantly adding functional area and streamlining the corporation of your airbrushes. The patent pending Z-8 Airbrush Manifold creatively combines the manifold and airbrush holder into an individual unit. Airbrush tattoo designers are now able to quickly connect their airbrushes and manifold for their compressor with one atmosphere hose, eliminating the necessity for numerous hose connections. The Z-8 Manifold makes use of 2 clamps that attach to any surface up to 3 ins dense. It's also connected forever with 2 screws. The Z-8 will last to 8 bottom or top feed airbrushes and it is supplied solely by EBA in three designs: Z-8 Airbrush Holder, Z-8 Manifold, and Z-8 Manifold with fast Disconnect.

Airbrush Tattoo Supplies Z-8 with Fast Disconnect
The Z-8 fast disconnect is considered the most revolutionary airbrush holder and manifold in the marketplace which allows that link 8 airbrush hoses form your manifold in under 10 seconds. 8 fast disconnect ¼ inches male couplers connect with your ¼ inches female air hose accessories for simple put up and tear down of the airbrush tattoo operation.

Airbrush Supplies-Airbrush Painting materials: EBA ¾oz Bottle with construction
EBA’s ¾oz reservoir bottle with fast blast set up is a required airbrush tattoo supply that feeds airbrush tattoo ink to the airbrushes and doubles as a storage space container for airbrush tattoo paint.

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