Marabou Blood Quills colored with Copic Airbrush starter kit

Copic Airbrush Kit

Change your COPIC markers into an airbrush!

These innovative systems allow you to utilize your entire specialty COPIC standard and Sketch markers to create gorgeous airbrushed art — minus the hassle of mixing and cleansing paints! Merely fall a COPIC Sketch marker or standard marker (Ciao markers and Multiliners won't work) in to the specially adapted Airgip, connect to an air supply, and create! The air moves on the wide end of the COPIC marker and directs the ink out and onto your report for smooth color gradients or masking work. To improve colors, just switch markers! An array of units allows you proper from airbrush novices to adepts to quickly start making their initial marker airbrush masterpieces!

  • COPIC Marker Airbrush Kit #1 – the most wonderful marker airbrush beginner ready! This total kit includes the Airgip, an Air may 180, an Air Adapter, Airhose, and can holder. Everything you need to produce airbrush art together with your COPIC markers!
  • COPIC Marker Airbrush Kit #2 – An ideal marker airbrush introduction or traveling ready! Includes the Airgrip marker holder additionally the Air Can D-60 with integral adapter. Toss it in a bag and accept the street for plein aire marker airbrush sessions!
  • COPIC Marker Airbrush Kit no. 3 – Great for designers familiar with airbrushing, or those who would like to make use of their own atmosphere compressor. This set comes with the Airgrip marker owner and the Air Adapter, that can easily be attached to a standard airbrush compressor (hose pipe perhaps not included.)
  • Substitution Air Cans – These special canned airs from COPIC are the just people that can be connected to the Airgrip. The D-60 features an integral adapter possesses enough air for about 7 to 8 moments of squirt time, linking right to the Airgrip. The atmosphere could 180 must certanly be independently linked via an air adapter and hose pipe, and contains enough air for approximately 40 to 45 moments of spray time.

You might also want to consider COPIC Sketch Markers and COPIC Sketch Marker Sets.

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