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Kids Airbrush Kit

Face Painting and Airbrush tattoos for kids in Fort CollinsFace painting and airbrush tattoos for young ones is a hands-down preferred for events in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, and surrounding Front number Areas. Kids want to have their cheeks and hands coated with all the colors and designs they select all independently. Combine by using zany balloons shaped like hats, swords with buckle holsters, wrist corsages, or a lot of pet forms — and you’ll have actually great party entertainment for young ones of all centuries! All of our face artwork and airbrush tattoo music artists get to a blue uniformed top to recognize united states while the activity for the party or occasion.

Cheetah Face Painting and airbrush tattoos for kids in Fort Collins Co

Performers can do either hand-painted face artwork or airbrush tattoos that really work with a number of stencils and paint dispersed from an airbrush. As a result of the various setup demands per service, we do demand you decide on either the hand-painting or airbrush tattoos for the face artwork alternative. Any paint used during our occasions is non-toxic, non acrylic, liquid washable, expert cosmetic quality, and dries quickly and entirely.

FREE-HAND FACE PAINTER -(traditional brush and paint set-up)

Free hand face painters supply whatever will become necessary for our performance, one dining table, two seats, expert cosmetic class face paints, cosmetic quality sparkle, and glance sheets.Free Hand Face Painting (traditional style) Glance sheets tend to be a sheet of paper covered in photos for kids to select paintings from or get some ideas from. We have been always very happy to decorate special requests, particularly when you provide united states with an image.

AIRBRUSH FACE PAINT TATOO ARTISTS -(airbrush face paint kit with stencils)

Airbrush musicians and artists provide exactly what will become necessary, including a small sheet of designs or huge poster board, depending on the size of your celebration and exacltly what the occasion goals tend to be. Kindly call us for more precisely how we can customize the stencils and designs utilized for your party.

Holiday Themed Airbrush Tattoos:

free-hand face Paint Princess DesignWe likewise have getaway themed airbrush tattoos! These could are normally taken for candy canes, Santa Claus, holly, ginger breads males, along with other Christmas time themed tattoos. For Halloween we supply bats, cats, owls, skeletons, spiders, and lots of more creepily enjoyable designs! Expect bunnies, eggs and chicks for Easter! Have any occasion or themed occasion coming and want unique designs developed? You can easily phone RJ to have themed stencil logos made or talk about if what you would like done is possible. We'll gladly develop what you would like, typically at little expense.

Airbrush face paint tattoos Fort Collins

Airbrush Face Painting Tattoos

• “Rapid Tats” or airbrush face paint tattoos would be best for larger groups

• Performers create an enjoyable design the little one can choose from the sample board

• Tattoos is finished at the average price of 25-40 per hour.

Free-hand Face Painting

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