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p_40-box.jpgBy Eric Freese

After using nearly 4 years to create a 1/350 Titanic, we discovered that I was not having much fun modeling. Just what may I do to love this pastime as far as I did whenever I was younger? I quickly was fortunate to meet Eric Freese and Dick Hague. They launched us to a new form of building purely for fun. After witnessing numerous photographs of great looking kits built “The old-fashioned Way”, I attempted my hand at a few and I was hooked. My honest because of Dick and Eric with regards to their “therapy.” I really hope you give it a go quickly! - A.B.


Alan requested easily would show an enjoyable solution to do a “classic build” kit without any frills - simply standard tools and products right out-of-the-box, like we did when you look at the 1960s. Occasionally we have too dedicated to building, and it also’s very easy to pull the enjoyment from the jawhorse. Veteran modelers relate to it as “AMS”; Advanced Modelers Syndrome. Most of us have already been here and done that. Remember whenever model building ended up being interesting? Well, what better way to re-live that than with that old chestnut, the Monogram P-40B Tiger Shark! Let’s get into it, shall we?

old-p-40.jpgThe Monogram P-40

The System

Initially introduced in 1964 as a “Four celebrity” kit, it really is an all-time specialty that's been introduced over and over repeatedly. These days it may be found almost anyplace that kits

are offered in Revell-Monogram label. In general, the system has actually several features including detail by detail cockpit, seated pilot, optional open or shut canopy, working flaps and optional place landing equipment. It's carefully molded with fragile rivets and sharp scale lines overall. Include the 3 alternatives for markings / countries, and you have a well-balanced kit!

When I decided to go with this kit, I made the decision to dig out my surviving P-40, built at age thirteen. It was my first airbrush project, and I was therefore excited! As a result, we kept everything these years. Most likely these years the old Warhawk remains high in mindset. I'd forgotten that In addition had been exercising weathering and dry-brushing on the small fighter. It will make an appealing side-by-side comparison with an increase of contemporary methods!


Eric’s P-40 from when he had been 13 years old (simply click any picture to expand)


For a “classic build”, products contains the classic tools and paint colors:

  • X-acto knife
  • 400 and 800 grit sandpaper
  • Tweezers
  • Tiny file
  • Clothes pins and elastic bands
  • Tube glue or Crazy Glue (my inclination)
  • Testors brush and spray can oil-based paints

-Lt. Sea-gray, Flat Brown, Flat Lt. Tan, Yellow, Chrome Silver and Flat Ebony

No after-market such a thing, no airbrush and no putty work!


To begin with, research is somewhat like poker chips- there’s always much more into the bag. It is possible to spend weeks, months, or an eternity rather than complete. Thank goodness, finding information on the Flying Tigers is a no-brainer. As a rabid lover for the P-40, i've plenty of references offered by house, plus the net is laden with data and photographs, profiles, etc..


Samples of the superb reference material readily available on-line as well as in printing (simply click some to enlarge)

The Build

There Are Numerous how to do “Classic Builds.” Some build them strictly from the package without paint. Other people polish the initial brilliant plastic and color only the tires, props, pilots and bombs. With this create, I will be doing my best to allow it to be look like the box art with minor modifications.

First of all, I presented various components and determined exactly what interior components required the fundamental zinc-chromate green. Remember (research here), the lot allotted to Chennault for the AVG (United states Volunteer Group) originated from a batch of British-bound fighters. I had an interior green suited to a Battle of Britain age Hurricane, therefore I understood the gray-green ended up being (apparently) accurate. When dried out, we utilized a wash of dirty thinner with a drop of black colored to stain the interior of this flaps and seat. This brings out the details Monogram thought to offer.

Drybrushed instrument panel (simply click to expand)

Following up had been the medium grey under-surfaces, that we painted the same way with a fast masking of gray-green interiors parts as needed. Next up had been the detail focus on the inner elements, cockpit hardware and pilot. For the cockpit, black colored bins followed by dry-brushing did the key. The pilot’s face and fingers had been tan and his match was medium brown. A dark fabric limit and shoes had been made of an area of black colored and brown paint. This shade worked similarly well in the fatigue piles. Goggles were cut with silver frames.

internet-1.jpg internet-ii.jpg wash.jpg gray.jpg

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