Dinair airbrushing machine

Airbrushing Machine

Making cakes won't ever function as the same again once you have bought an airbrush, the must-have accessory regarding cake decorator! Include another dimension towards desserts with airbrushing, blending, shading and bringing your cake to life utilizing 3D effects. The Cake Decorating Company have become pleased to stock the amazing Dinkydoodle Airbrush kit and all the add-ons you may require. The small lightweight compressor, with touch activation, will come in an exciting hot red with a pink airbrush pen to match or a sleek black colored compressor with a sliver pen. These devices are great and peaceful, indicating you are able to continue on along with your airbrushing as the children are in sleep without disturbing the entire household. They're extremely easy to cleanse with a smooth surface and an unique hose pipe accessory allowing quick launch of the pen for cleansing. The pen is manufactured out of stainless-steel makes it possible for it to be wet for periods of time without rusting. Everything is sold with the full 2 year guarantee giving you that reassurance. Also, they are accessible to buy with EU plugs as well as include a totally free ‘Introduction to Airbrushing DVD’, dead handy to get you began.
When airbrushing you wouldn’t be without an airbrushing table top cleansing section for dispersing cleansing answer or unwelcome color in your airbrush. These are extremely convenient preventing any overspray while cleansing your airbrush together with your airbrush solution, and when you may be finished simply pop it into the dishwasher. What could be easier? We also stock an alternative needle system as well as those with many pencils and not enough arms, our Airbrush pen owner is simply the thing for your needs.

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