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Our recommendation is a .3mm one. Its ideal for most people who would like to base layer, but at the same time fool around with some freehand. If you should be prepared to invest much more money and lure detail use a .2mm one. You could also get an airbrush with .3mm setup which accepts numerous needle/nozzle sizes (the units cost form 20-50 bucks).

After introducing these functions above, we conclude, you want: a double – activity, gravity-feed.3mm or .2mm nozzle airbrush.

Some more things

In addition to overall performance and dependability, the eye to stability and handling tends to make airbrushes easier to use. But the handling also comes down to your own preference: individuals who are heavy-handed need a tough design such Paasche VL or Iwata Eclipse, while those with a softer touch need something similar to Iwata Personalized Micron or Harder Steenbeck ALplus.

Behind the airbrush handle there was a preset needle end which can be modified to limit the trigger and needle from becoming pulled straight back over required. This really is useful in small information work or even more precise jobs. And I may also mention the Micro Air Control Valve also referred to as Fine Pressure Control Valve enabling that manage the airflow right from your airbrush.

Slightly about models

There are lots of manufactures which all have actually an excellent offer, and plenty of Chinese made airbrushes from range “they’re great” to “they’re junk”. Here are a few associated with the good airbrush choices which have a strong reputation and understand customer service.

is the least expensive one; they're not the most effective airbrushes in the world, but they are maybe not the worst people. They often times innovate brand-new styles and stay behind their products.

is a bit better from Badger. It is the model on which lots of people learn very first. Nothing bad is ever said about all of them.

reaches the top of the meals string. Two of the preferred airbrushes are Eclipse CS and Eclipse BCS. They will have one of the best customer support and tech support team.

is a brandname sold by TCP worldwide, it offers solid designs that are capable of good work knowing what you yourself are doing.

Other people: good stuff are stated about Harder and Steinbeck. Also you must monitor the clones. Most clones are specific duplicates of the models stated earlier. Stay away from all of them, they don’t have an engraved design name quietly.

For more info concerning the designs go to top airbrushes.


Centered on specs and feedback from clients, they are various examples of everything you might use according to the function.

Art work: In this case there are larger areas and thicker paints. Consequently contemplate using a gravity – feed kind with a big cup or bottle-feed, a sizable or moderate size nozzle or several nozzles. Models: Iwata Eclipse, Iwata Revolution, Paasche Talon, Badger Patriot, Grex Tritium TG or TS an such like.

Illustration: you may need a really tiny nozzle dimensions, but environment control is the most important thing right here so contemplate using a MAC device. A gravity-feed design is necessary due to just lower amounts of paint utilized, and in addition a small cup which does not get in your way industry of sight. Recommended designs: Iwata Micron CM-B, Iwata Hi-Line, Iwata HP+, Paasche VJR etc.

For hobbies: with regards to hobbies mostly we are talking about little tasks, nevertheless scale of detail can differ greatly. If you'd like awesome fine detail on small scale models or small figures you'll need a detail airbrush, otherwise, if you need broad shots of solid-color a single action airbrush with a wide nozzle is perfect. Models: Paasche H, Iwata Revolution HP – SAR, Badger Krome, Badger 200-20 an such like.

Most make-up music artists like to use double-action brushes with a medium-sized nozzle and a tiny gravity-feed cups. They need a fantastic range of squirt design sizes in addition they try not to prefer a big glass given that it blocks their picture, for this reason that particular airbrush is needed. Recommended designs: Iwata Eclipse BS, Iwata Revolution BR, Iwata Neo CN, TEMPTU – SP 35.

Airbrush squirt ten: whenever applying a squirt ten you need a thin answer many coverage. For this reason we advice a big nozzle airbrush or a mini firearm. Advised models tend to be: Paasche H, Paasche 300T, Iwata Ecplipse G6, Grex Tritium TS5 etc.

Body Painting: Similar to make-up but on a larger scale. An airbrush with a medium sized nozzle is preferred, to pay for a wide range of habits. Bottle-feed airbrush is quicker, nevertheless gravity-feed one works great additionally. When doing this it really is possibly far better to make use of a mini gun to set down a base after which an airbrush for details. Models include: Iwata Eclipse, Paasche Talon, Iwata Revolution BCR, Iwata Eclipse G6, Paasche VL etc.

Vehicle airbrushing: for this function you will need a fine to method dimensions nozzle, gravity – feed airbrush with a large cup. There's frequently a large amount of area to cover, and some details included. Iwata has actually a Kustom series created just for the automotive performers. Recommendations: Iwata Kustom KCS, Iwata Kustom KCH, Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS Car, Badger Krome, Badger Velocity etc.

Murals: the very first thing with regards to murals may be the size of the task and how much details does it need. It is ok to have a bottle feed airbrush, which is a siphon – feed one or a side-feed one. This provides the substitute for carry more paint and change colors rapidly. However, if you will be painting a mural you ceiling, needless to say, you'll then utilize a side-feed airbrush. Models: Iwata Eclipse BCS, Iwata Revolution BCR, Paasche Talon TS, Paasche VL etc.

Tees: this calls for good protection in addition to must transform colors quickly in order to boost manufacturing, good details are less important. Therefore you will need a medium or large nozzle size. Advised models consist of: Iwata Eclipse BCS, Iwata Revolution BCR, Paasche Talon TS, Paasche VL, Paasche VLS etc.

Final conclusion

The single-action airbrushes tend to be somewhat fast to understand tips run, but the double-action ones give you the choice of modifying the paint circulation. Siphon (bottom) feed models enable greater volumes of paint becoming preserved without getting rid of the container. In terms of gravity – feed designs they truly are less immense. The sizes of needle and the nozzle must certanly be large enough to permit the desired style of paint to pass, while attaining the desired standard of detail to be created.

When buying an airbrush, you have to option of purchasing it singly or in kits with nozzles, needles, compressors, hoses and connectors needed for their performance. Numerous companies exists, you just need to find out the goal of you consumption.

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