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Have you ever been all ready to decorate anything therefore open up the bottle and discover that it is turned to dirt? I have, and it's a bummer. It's not only a waste of paint, nevertheless now you are stuck and soon you can buy even more. I've look over as much as I may find on what other modelers do in order to keep paint, and I also've satisfied on a method that seems to be employed by myself.

Very first, we never put everything within the container but a clean stirrer or a clean eye dropper. I never pour thinned paint back in the container. Depending on the chemistry for the paint and thinner, it can cause the paint to gel. I seen this among others have reported seeing it. I do not even drop a brush with slimmer upon it within the container. Whenever I brush paint, I transfer only a little paint to a dish and thin it indeed there.

2nd, I keep carefully the threads and rim of the bottle additionally the threads of cap scrupulously clean. Once I get rid of the cap, we put it straight down because of the threads pointing up in order for paint don't move onto them. If lid or container is messy, We clean it with some lacquer thinner on a paper towel and let it dried out. This will also make the bottle very easy to open the very next time i personally use it.

Some modelers store their particular shows inverted on principle they have a far better seal. I don't, but what I really do should supply the bottle an instant shake when I close it. My concept is the fact that when there is hook space in seal, the paint will flow involved with it through capillary activity and shut it. Most of the paint will empty back to the container because of the the next time I use it plus the lid won't be therefore messy.

I don't shake the paint to combine it. I have tried the BB's or basketball bearings inside bottle technique, but I do not feel it will a work. I have also read that some metals can react with all the paint and lead it to thicken. And, if you added one thing overweight and obtain caught up, you could even break the bottle. It's happened.

I stir to mix. You may make or purchase driven stirrers; Badger tends to make a pleasant one. I made one by placing a bent 1/8 inches diameter bit of wire in my Dremel device. It can a nice work, but I think it really is overkill. I figure that if the paint doesn't mix up really with some hand stirring, it is probably bad and wont spray appropriate anyway. Under is a photo of my tool of preference.

I will not guarantee that you will not have a bad container of paint by following my program. All I am able to state usually We haven't had problematic since I have started carrying it out. If you've produce anything better, please pass it along.


Well, I opened a few bottles of Model Master enamel today, and choose to go bad. Both were about one quarter complete with liquid on top and a disc of rubbery congealed paint in base. The covers had been on tight additionally the threads had been clean. Both have reached minimum a couple of years old. We checked many containers in addition they were all fine.

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