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Airbrush Painting Tutorial

Lightsaber_paint_frames02A condensed video clip tutorial on what our 3D imprinted lightsaber design goes from printing to weathered prop.

Movie too quickly obtainable? follow along right here:

Print-out your components from right here according to these directions

This is actually the list of tools and shows that I utilized, you can make use of anything comparable.


- Airbrush with compressor. (Mine is a H&S infinity 2 in 1) 0.4mm nozzle.
- Seasalt (crushed - the more expensive all of the size the higher)
- Standard difficult bristle brush for dried out cleaning
- Standard brush for liquid application
- toothpick or stick

(all acrylic based)
- Vellejo black colored polyurethane surface primer
- Golden High movement titanium white
- Golden Transparent Brown Iron Oxide
- Americana Dark Chocolate
- Golden Fluids Cadmium Red
- Golden Fluid Iridescent Bronze
- Golden Fluids Iridescent Silver
- Golden High flow Carbon Ebony
- Golden High flow Shading grey

Lightsaber_paint_frames06- Vellejo airbrush thinner
- Liquid

You need to prime your 3D imprinted components.

- Pre-assemble and pre-fit most of the components to make sure that no fitting is necessary after painting. Disassemble once more
- Sand/fill any components that require it
- Spray 1-2 coats of Primer at 15-20psi, allow to dried out.

It must look like this.

Next, color all the parts excluding the metal components a brown corrosion color as a base. This will behave as our basecoat for rust. Many this will be covered up, until you wish your lightsaber really rusty looking. You might be choosing variations in tones, so keep some components black, apply more in certain places much less in other individuals. It should look significantly natural searching.

You'll notice in the movie, we pre-shaded it white before you apply the brown corrosion color. This is because I’m using clear brown paint in the place of standard opaque paint. Clear brown on black colored primer only seems black colored, and so I needed some white to give it some tonal difference. You can skip this totally if you’re utilizing standard brown opaque paint.

Lightsaber_paint_frames07we discover clear paints provide more control but.

This next part is messy. Grab yourself a box to color in in the event that you don’t have a suitable paint place.

Mix-up a few of the brown you utilized in the previous step with a bit of red this time to give it a somewhat much deeper tone. This may become pitting for your corrosion. Grab your toothpick and hold it infront of the airbrush nozzle while spraying. This will trigger a small paint buildup regarding tip for the toothpick and ‘splatter’ as opposed to spray. Test an item of report very first before you take it to your design.

The aim is to get some speckles on your corrosion so it can have much more texture difference.

Grab your seasalt and break it in a mortar/pestle or you fancy. The goal is to get a mix of smaller and extremely big pieces.

It really is re-useable, and so I possess some painted sodium bits inside.

Dip your brush in water, and ‘paint’ in which you desire the sodium to stick. Preferably nooks and crannies work the greatest since you wish many rust accumulation in the groves for a normal appearance. Utilize arbitrarily sufficient reason for difference, you don’t desire a uniform appearance, some areas needs to have more rust than others.

Sprinkle sodium into grooves, it must stick for those who have enough water used. Be good with water and salt. The salt will stick in and create a crust on the object. This is the mask by which we shall eliminate later on to reveal the rusted components.

Let it dry! It is critical to allow your water/salt to dried out. Otherwise it won't brush-off nicely, or won’t stick onto your model sufficiently becoming a mask. 3 hours approximately must certanly be good.

While waiting… Paint within the brass pieces with Gold paint. Nice even coat unlike the rust. 2-3 slim coats is needed for good metalic look. The smoother your printing right here, the more metalic it will look.

this would be the state of progress at this time. Lightsaber_paint_frames11 Lightsaber_paint_frames13 IMG_20140428_040155

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