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How to mix Airbrush paint?

Decanting Spray Paint

I do not like making use of squirt paint straight through the might given that it goes everywhere and it is tough to control. I guess the airbrush has ruined myself. Anyhow, I do periodically decant it and use it within my 155 and I also've never had any issues with it.
It is already quite slim and that can be sprayed without further thinning. We cleanse the brush with regular lacquer thinner. I will not try to describe simple tips to decant it, but instead direct you to definitely Brett Green's video clip, which does a great task. Make sure to view part 2 additionally.


I have never ever had an issue blending paint and thinner in cup of my Anthem. But, when I tried performing that in the Patriot cup with small quantities of paint, I experienced trouble getting a uniform mix. Whatever I invest first would run down to the nozzle and never mix really. Even with backflushing, the first shots would come-out too thick or also thin. It doesn't matter a great deal basically'm doing general protection, nonetheless it does easily wish to accomplish detail close-up work. Therefore, once I require a little paint in a gravity given glass, I have begun mixing in an independent container initially. Some tips about what I develop.

From left to right, these are typically a steel thimble, a plastic limit from a spray bottle, and a small Testors paint container. The thimble is good for small levels of paint, the synthetic limit for somewhat larger amounts (lacquer slimmer does not hurt it), together with Testors bottle for larger amounts. The thimble and glass are easy to cleanse, additionally the bottle has got the advantage of becoming sealable.

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