Custom paint jobs on bikes

Invigorate your trusty framework with a brand new paint job. Heritage can powder layer your metallic or alloy framework and fork, breathing new lease of life into a vintage friend, and offering some corrosion protection on top of that. We are able to color accessorie or elements to suit and (call or e-mail for a quote). We make use of quality powder coats for peak toughness and reduced environmental effect. We are able to disassemble and reassemble your bicycle for yet another $99, and we perform the full tune-up after assembly.

Paint and Powder Coat F.A.Q:

Just how long does it take to get my frame right back once I drop it well?
Turn-around time is four to six days for artwork.

Do I need a consultation to drop-off my bike?
Not at all! Come by the main store during regular bike space hours (10am to 7pm weekdays, 9am to 6pm weekends during the cold winter) and our competent staff will help you choose a shade from our pile of samples, and acquire the artwork process rolling.

Could be the existing paint taken from the framework, fork, alongside parts?
Frames and parts tend to be media blasted before paint. You should not strip the paint on your own. The news blasting procedure is gentle, so that your framework isn't damaged.

Do you realy decorate carbon/titanium structures?
Short solution: no. Even when natural carbon is used, the oven baking process necessary to heal the spray dust coating would damage the glue holding the resin collectively. Titanium normally a hard material to paint, and we can't provide that solution. But nonetheless, all steel and aluminum structures, forks, and add-ons tend to be welcome!

Is it possible to color a-frame several colors?
You decide on the paint shade for every bit, but we are able to only have the capacity spray one paint shade per component. When you desire your frame becoming blue plus the hand to be white, we could accomplish that! Regrettably, we can not do blue and white from the framework collectively. We have loads of colors to select from which will make your bike get noticed.

Is it possible to save yourself the chrome/logo/decal that's already on the framework?

The whole bicycle is media blasted to prep for a level layer, so that the just thing which will stick to the framework after blasting would be the metal bits. Chrome plating, decals, and pre-existing paint will likely to be gone. Masking them just isn't an alternative, as a result of the nature associated with the spray powder process.

Will you media blast a-frame to prep it for the next artist?
Yes! No issue! Media blasting is $75, and takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Can you use decals?
We can and do. We have been unable to keep these things placed under clear coat due to the nature associated with spray powder process, nevertheless easiest way going about that is for you to definitely supply decals, thereby applying all of them your self. Top-notch plastic decals can have a really longevity on a powder coat. We are going to use quick vinyl decals for $20. Wet transfer decal application is $50 for moobs. We could print custom plastic decals and, which start at $50 for art, printing, and application.

Can you color tires or rims?
Unfortuitously, at this time, we cannot paint rims or tires, no matter the materials.

Will you paint my tandem/trikes/go kart/golf basketball washer?
As long as it's metallic or aluminum, we are able to most likely color it. Tandems usually are $150 for a-frame and hand, trikes and other large things we have to estimate on a case-by-case foundation. Phone the store or swing by along with your item and now we can provide you an evaluation and estimate.

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