Skull bike helmet

While bicycle helmets became lighter plus comfortable to wear within the last few few decades, their particular shape has actually remained mainly unchanged. Unsurprising if you think about the design of men and women's minds has not actually altered that much recently. Thus helmets are as uncomfortable to transport around and use as much area in a bag while they ever did. Unfortunately, this leads many to exposure their security just by making what exactly at home rather than deal with the hassle. Perhaps not pleased with this situation, fashion designer Patrick Jouffret and professional Philippe Arrouart came up with a bike helmet design that folds down seriously to a much more convenient size you should definitely on your noggin.

The "overade" is a unisex helmet that Jouffret and Arrouart claim provides as much defense as a regular bicycle helmet, but folds down to a size that's small enough to squeeze into a bag or a backpack. Like designers of this Hövding airbag collar, Jouffret and Arrouart wish the helmet's even more convenient carrying size when helps boost the range urban cyclists just who currently fail to use defensive gear.

Well-known concern that very first pops into the mind when looking at the overade design is, "does it fold up and squash my skull in an accident?" But with rider protection the manufacturers prime issue and bicycle helmets expected to conform to thorough criteria in many countries, apparently they've taken these types of problems into consideration. If not, we are not likely to begin to see the overade on shop racks any time soon.

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