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Now Available! Plotter Mastery DVD

You won't think just what a plotter may do!

Plotter Mastery shows how exactly to integrate plotters and art to considerably lower your workload, boost your efficiency, create results unachievable by other practices, and generate way more profit the method! This must-see, groundbreaking presentation is actually for music artists of skill levels and applications!

Skilled users: discover ways to get the maximum benefit out of your plotter.

Beginners: discover ways to master and incorporate a plotter into your workflow.

Available These Days! Creating Killer Zombies

With zombies trending more powerful than ever, this is certainly a must-have step by step presentation on the best way to render the undead utilizing the most cutting-edge art and airbrush methods, including just how to attain amazing color combinations, photoreal textures, and tons more. “There would be the campy, skeletal-clumsy zombies, the colorful, comic-book-inspired zombies, perhaps the contemporary, overly-realistic, and fast-moving zombies. What this signifies for music artists who've something for monster/horror imagery, anything like me, ” explains Worthington, “is an endless flood of possibilities to attract upon for determination. Inside DVD, I share my way of zombies, the way I select colors, and exactly what keeps me dancing artistically.”

Javier Soto's Power Portraits 2-Disc DVD Set currently available!

, the long-awaited DVD from master portrait painter Javier Soto, includes step by step training on shade principle, how to render facial features, skin tones, troubleshooting dilemmas like paint settling, hot places, blowouts, tip dried out, pigment migration, puddling, and spidering, utilizing a power eraser, dietary fiber pen, and shaver knife for highlighting and detailing, simple tips to make pores, the nuances of painting teeth and tresses, working together with cool and warm colors, tips measure the development of artwork, use of the Artograph LED electronic projector, utilization of Wicked Colors, and many other things.

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