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LiveMap-1Motorcycle helmets have been unchanged for many years. Aside from new materials, as well as new styles, very little changed. However, if one Russian designer, Andrew Artishchev, were becoming thought, that's today likely to change.

Known as LiveMap, the concept is provide the motorcycle rider all the information he/she requires without requiring the biker to appear away from the road. Navigational guidelines, telemetric information, performance, maybe even that crucial email from your own mother.

LiveMap uses a technology that fighter pilots (and upmarket vehicles) experienced at their particular disposal for several years now; HUD, or Heads Up show. The significant data is projected within the helmet’s visor, but clearly perhaps not 100percent but simply enough so it’s transparent you could however see the data and determine the trail:

That way, while driving your bike, you can observe for which you need to go without evaluating your GPS, and you will see at just what rate you will be taking a trip. It’s for that reason much less dangerous for all involved.

The helmet would incorporate all technology; screen, electronic devices, batteries and also microphone. The reason why a microphone? Since you should be able to talk to your equipment. The helmet can get your vocal guidelines to alter, like, a destination on your GPS. For instance, while riding to Sturgis, the GPS is showing the means, but then in the show you find that you're running out of gasoline. You just tell the helmet to approach you to definitely the closest gas section. All of that without the hands making the handlebar plus eyes leaving the trail.

The helmet should be built with G-sensors, gyroscope and even an electronic compass. You go your mind, the picture on your visor changes, like fighter pilots inside their cockpits. With light detectors on the exterior, the show will enhance if there’s much more external light and dim at night.

Performs this noise farfetched? You believe it’s maybe not planning to take place fleetingly? Really reconsider. The Russian designer has recently receive a-1 million $ grant from Russian federal government, in which he happens to be looking extra funding at the crowd-funding website Indiegogo.

The concept will be start making the helmets and sell a fundamental version for $1500 to $2000. They desire to have united states official certification by middle 2014 and European people by 2015.

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