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Motorcycle Helmets with designs

Cover imageThe main goal with this paper should formulate a methodology, which may be applied for material choice and basic design of motorcycle helmets. The necessity of simplified approaches to bike helmet material choice and design are first highlighted. Two practices are presented. The first approach is based on energy absorption concept for packaging design and was utilized for bike helmets design with a few modifications. This technique is evaluated and customized to cope with the motorcycle helmet design requirements. The 2nd strategy is also predicated on energy absorption principle. This method was developed for packaging design although same maxims could possibly be used on bike helmet problem. It was unearthed that the 2 techniques have a similar energy absorption concepts but differ in the form of formulation and application. These distinctions may have considerable effect on the results particularly the power per product amount calculation. However, both processes could possibly be made use of as a useful device for the helmet foam product choice and helmet initial evaluation and design. Making use of these energy approaches together with advanced computational methods could reduce the lead-time of helmet design and manufacture.


  • Motorcycle;
  • Helmet;
  • Energy absorption;
  • Foam;
  • Information selection

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