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Motorcycles Helmets Design

Voztec SystemThe bike helmet is a vital bit of protection gear that dramatically decreases the seriousness of mind injuries sustained in bike accidents. The nationwide Highway visitors security Administration (NHTSA) says that helmeted riders “have as much as an 85 percent reduced occurrence of extreme, really serious, and crucial accidents than unhelmeted riders.“ Except that small cosmetic improvements, but the basic helmet design has remained mainly unchanged through the years. Might shortly alter because of the introduction of an all-new design by the Australian organization.

Although motorcycle helmets have-been credited with preserving countless life, they're not without their design defects. Some bike accidents were made even worse (often much worse) whenever disaster health workers get rid of the helmets of bike riders after accidents. To eliminate the helmet of an injured driver lying on a lawn, EMS workers often have to go the top. This causes the throat to flex, that may exacerbate a spinal damage.

The removal of the helmet is not the best way helmets have actually contributed to injury. A helmet that isn't properly guaranteed, for instance, can actually trigger an injury in any sort of accident. With a loose-fitting helmet or a chin band which is not correctly guaranteed, a rider’s helmet can be removed on effect. And in case the chin band is just too tight, it can reduce into a rider’s neck, restricting their ability to breathe.

There in fact isn’t much to your standard bike helmet design once you think about it. It’s actually bit more than a padded composite shell with a visor and a chin band. Thinking about this, the motorcycle helmet is long-overdue for a design renovation. Vozz Helmets’ new design addresses each one of these problems. Their objective was to make the common mind container to the next level so that it is more comfortable to put on, much easier to put-on and lose, and safer than ever.

Vozz Helmets’ new helmet design (that the company calls its Voztec program) is poised to completely change the helmet industry. It’s a much needed transformation. The new helmet is a full-face design that completely gets rid of the chin strap. In the place of the uncomfortable band is a padded chin glass which permanently attached into the helmet. The contour of helmet design in addition suits better to riders’ heads, which helps the helmet stay on while riding and decreases the likelihood of it coming off in an accident.

With a permanent chin cup attached on helmet, you are wondering how cyclists place the helmet on and take it off. This is certainly simple for bikers to-do because the rear of this helmet is hinged. Motorcyclists just open the hinged front side, quickly slide the helmet on, after which close the twin locking design for a comfortable but snug fit.

Possibly one of the better popular features of this new design is EMS personnel’s ability to effortlessly eliminate the helmet after an accident without flexing a rider’s throat. EMS can easily split up the two helmet components and totally get rid of the front part through the use of the special protection release system, while maintaining vital vertebral assistance. This feature alone gets the potential to significantly reduce the quantity and seriousness of bike injuries annually.

Vozz Helmet’s brand new design are available at the start of 2016. The price has yet is announced. Numerous cyclists will surely consider the extra safety functions for sale in the new design to be priceless.

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