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Airbrushed Welding Helmets

If you’re finding an original welding hood to scare and impress your co-workers, they are the best options online. Not only would be the helmets beautifully fashioned with customized pained skulls, but they’re all functional, comfortable and safe the harsh welding environment.

The utmost effective performers within our analysis will be the, the Gold Award winner; the, the Silver Award winner; therefore the, the Bronze Award champion.

#1 Most Readily Useful Overall – Antra AH6-66O-6218

We tried this helmet for MIG, TIG, arc and plasma welding, and discovered ourselves really impressed in every event. It was very easy to adjust the options, thanks to the exterior modification knobs, which allow you to choose between a variety of shades from 5 right through to 13. This might be as well as the devoted milling mode, which only managed to get much more flexible. The switching rate had been one of the fastest we’ve ever find, meaning that the danger of blinding is almost non-existent. Opt for this helmet if you’re likely to weld for long durations at any given time, because its light-weight ensures that it’s awesome comfortable, too.

We do have several question marks around the toughness with this helmet; we truly wouldn’t advise losing it or being reckless if you can prevent it. It is primarily down to becoming so lightweight, which will make it feel a little flimsier than another designs. But the quality feels great, whilst long as you’re careful this helmet should resist significant amounts of continuous use.

# 2 Most Readily Useful Design – Save Phace Marvel Comics Venom Gen Y

The quality and awesome skull design are two of the best aspects of this welding helmet. Not just does it look great – going to move you to the jealousy of most friends and colleagues – however it seems sturdy, well-crafted and comfortable. Protect Phace established fact for its combination of stylish styles and top requirements, and also this helmet is no different. The auto-darkening is actually fast, however if you do would you like to adjust some of the configurations or sensitivities, we discovered the additional settings to be smooth and easy to utilize. However, important of all of the may be the visibility; fortunately, this helmet has been fashioned with a really wide view, making it easier than previously to see what you’re focusing on.

After utilizing this helmet for some time, we performed discover a couple of minor disadvantages. Firstly, even though the design is amazing, it is actually a sticker put on the outer lining, without an airbrushed design. If you intend to utilize the helmet for temperature or overhead welding, many times your design sores or melts, which does ruin the result slightly. Furthermore, we pointed out that eventually a few of the knobs started initially to work loose, which means that the helmet will slip rather quickly. However, with a little bit of tightening, this will be an issue that’s easily rectified, resulting in a helmet that provides great high quality in general the cost.

no. 3 Cheapest – Redtail Red Skull

This really is more than simply a practical welding helmet: it’s a work of art. You can’t reject this helmet’s design is amazing – it’ll be noticeable and look great in virtually any workshop, whether you’re using it for expert or hobby reasons. But doesn’t just look great – it feels good, too. it is completely adjustable and lightweight, which means that it’s actually comfortable to put on for long intervals. Nevertheless, to a certain degree you obtain that which you pay for, as some parts are only a little fragile. We found the headband is specially at risk of breaking, but as long as you handle this helmet properly, it will help keep you searching awesome for extended!

Points to consider whenever choosing your head welding helmet

  • Some of the reduced quality head hoods are slim and uncomfortable in order to fit the style – stay away from those as you’ll quickly discover convenience is essential. Most of the helmets inside analysis are made for comfort and appearance.
  • Make sure the paint work is done by a specialist bonnet fashion designer, as artwork on a welding bonnet differs from fabric because of the contours and materials utilized. A great coated have carried out the art before on other hoods, to help you check out their past strive to see if it is to your liking.
  • Discover ways to keep and keep your bonnet as custom paint has a tendency to chip away with time, especially while using the sparks, spatter and radiation continuously hitting your helmet when you weld. With god maintenance even a skull bonnet should last you a very long time.

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