Check out these sweet new Navy

Custom Helmets for Sale

… and we’ve got a multitude of notices today.
We’ll be having a wintertime purchase that will be working from
All purchases will automatically have 20% removed for the last price and we'll be releasing a couple of brand new packages to produce even more savings.

Please keep in mind that if you're ordering things that you ought to appear in before Christmas time to place your order before . We can't guarantee that your particular purchase will show up before xmas if you order next day.

We will additionally be briefly closed from

Thank you for the continued help and pleased building!

-Arealight Group

We’re excited to announce that we’re churning on some new printed jet packages!

These times, it’s the Pre Jetpack. You'll choose these up in dark bluish grey or flat silver from our shop today or from a single of your many re-sellers.

Love! And delighted modifying.

We’re excited to announce a collection of images coming out on October sixteenth. There’s 3 new prints: the JNG, BOB, and White BOB images. They are revamps of several of our previous designs on our new hunter helmet.
These brand new prints function weathering like our more recent Mandalorian themed helmets, in order to provide your numbers that fight used and rugged look.

Hopefully you like these prints around we’ve liked making them. As constantly, we appreciate your continued help!

Successful Customizing~

Hello every person!
We will be out-of-town from 9/13/2016 to 9/18/2016 to have some family time. During that time requests should be delayed and will not ship until we return. If you'd like orders shipped as quickly as possible, please order from of our numerous resellers.

Thank you for your continued assistance!

-Arealight Team.

We know that experience, and thus do these new twi’leks. We’re excited to announce our very first foray in to the undead with these zombie twi’lek prints. They'll be available as packages and specific components, if you wished to make a zombie Slave Leia.

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