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Custom painted Simpson Helmets

United states Challenge World Speed Record

Russ Wicks' Racing Helmet

A racer's helmet is considered the most safety-critical piece of equipment in motorsports. And like many technologically advanced components, the helmet is now staggeringly advanced, costing huge amounts of cash. Wicks started wearing Bill Simpson's helmets during their motorcross years and it is now making use of Impact Race Products solely throughout their autoracing and motorboating career.

The helmet can also be a glamorous device for followers to differentiate which racer is within the cockpit.Impact Race items Each racer decides their particular color and design, with a delicate balance between corporate identification and outrageousness. Wicks' helmet can easily be recognized, being adorned with his special star structure.

Mark Buzie, referred to as "Wizard" for their imagination and magical style with paint, are the owners of BrightWorks Personalized Painting. Mark periodically assists Russ when you look at the design of their helmet and has now painted Wicks' helmets since 1996.

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