I have an Eric101 Green Ranger

Green Rangers Helmets for Sale

A Green Ranger helmet found in the marketing of children’s TV series energy Rangers Turbo. This helmet had been found in the promotion associated with the show-through international touring stage programs.

Manufactured from fibreglass with foam cushioning internally for convenience during wear, the sides associated with the helmet take place together across the head with flexible strapping and secured with films suited to the helmet’s sides. The visor associated with the helmet is equipped behind the car-like frame regarding helmet’s front side and tinted black. The helmet is completed in green with silver and black colored detailing and metallic stickers used on the forehead. A mouthpiece made of mesh occurs below the visor.

Well-used with its marketing obligations, the helmet has actually experienced scratches toward paint finish throughout the surface of this helmet. But in spite of this harm, the helmet continues to be in general good shape. The piece comes with a genuine stage tour storage space case.

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