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3. You have to be a physicist and an engineer

“To have the fastest time you must pick the best range down the track and steer down it since subtly that you can. Many physics comes into it. I am performing a PhD in mechanical engineering therefore I feel like I have an edge. We learn the corners beforehand to analyse the quickest way down. Nevertheless the much more you steer, the greater amount of you interact with the ice and produce rubbing, when you drive the sled excessively you drop speed. You have to find the right balance between operating it and allowing it to run to get straight down with reduced power reduction.”

4. We need to sprint like Usain Bolt and drive like Chris Robshaw

“We do countless sprint instruction since when you push the sled at the start, its a really explosive motion and you also should accelerate as soon as possible. We was previously a 400m runner in the past. But we also do a lot of energy act as you have to press a 30 kilo sled, therefore we do a mix of track sprinting and gym work.”

Dom Parsons (picture: Phil Searle)

5. Sometimes you shed a couple of teeth

“Early on within my job, at the Konigssee track in Germany, I moved around a large part plus the sled became actually slick through the exit and arrived far from myself. I was holding onto it and pulling it straight back, but regarding after that spot the sled got pushed towards me, hit myself inside face at an upwards angle, and knocked my two front side teeth off. I have been towards dentist once or twice since to straighten out my wonky smile.”

6. You have to be at one with your human body

“You guide the sled through very simple body moves. Every sled features a steel rectangular framework, a saddle to put on you in place, plus some athletes which touch the ice. Those runners bow outwards in order to differ the contact patch involving the sled as well as the ice. You guide by pushing your shoulders or your legs into the sled, which varies the contact location. Those moves are mild but it’s challenging is precise on a bumpy track at 70mph. Most of the moves have to be pre-emptive. If it will take you a tenth of another to respond to some thing, could currently have travelled several metres along the track before it creates a difference.”

7. We never brake until the end

“The just time you braking system is when you go the final line because before then you're finding every single opportunity to grab rate. On finishing line discover a long uphill area which slows you down, but We usually stick my feet right down to stop quite quicker.”

8. Our footwear look terrifying

“Normal athletics shoes have actually about 6-9 spikes on them but our shoes have about 300 spikes and they're as slim as stitching needles. They don’t fracture the ice as much once you sprint in the beginning and provide better grip. Our kit is a little such as the Lycra donned by cyclists but it’s a much tougher material so when you brush your shoulder from the wall you don’t tear your suit.”

9. it is all in the mind

“Skeleton rushing is extremely mentally intense because in minutes before a competition men and women have to get ready themselves for a maximum sprint effort followed closely by a really peaceful sliding program. It can be challenging change so quickly between those two mindsets. Whenever you watch an athlete starting to warm up, they appear like they're drifting off to sleep but then the thing is their particular arms going because they’re really very carefully visualising the track and doing most of the steering within their head.”

10. Skeleton could be the ultimate Marmite recreation

“When people read about this recreation their particular very first reaction is the fact that we must be crazy. They can’t get their mind around the reason why any person may wish to get it done. It’s a proper Marmite circumstance – you either think it’s great or you hate it. If you ever decide to try the sport you are going to be either terrified and never might like to do it once more or get definitely hooked.”

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