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If there were an animal that seemed destined to experience concussions, it might be the woodpecker. It pounds its mind at into tree trunks 12, 000 times each day, at rates of 6 to 7m/s. Yet, regardless of this regular, high-speed mind banging, the wild birds encounter no brain harm. Not a lick.

Luckily for us when it comes to woodpecker, advancement has actually passed it multiple anatomical adaptations that protect its head during all of that hammering. And soon, we people are often in a position to hold concussions at bay utilizing the woodpecker’s time-tested practices.

Industrial fashion designer Anirudha Surabhi has generated the brand new, super-strong Kranium bicycle helmet, which protect cyclists’ heads by mimicking options that come with the woodpecker’s unique physiology.

Surabhi’s curiosity about building a better bicycle helmet is individual. In the past, he was riding their bicycle through Notting Hill in London when he had any sort of accident. He was putting on a helmet but nonetheless ended up when you look at the hospital with a concussion. “My autumn had beenn’t actually that bad, ” Surabhi says. “It ended up being a minor fall, but nonetheless my helmet cracked.”

During the time, Surabhi had been performing a master’s degree in design within Royal university of Art, and he just happened to be shopping for a notion for their last solo task. He decided to you will need to develop a much better bicycle helmet - also to take determination from nature.

Researchers have found that woodpeckers have actually many different anatomical adaptations that shield their minds from damage. For example, woodpeckers have a hyoid bone which distinctive from compared to various other wild birds. Generally, this y-shaped bone works along the base for the mouth and also to the rear of the skull. In many kinds of woodpecker, this bone tissue is extra-long, wrapping all outrageous regarding the head. It acts as a normal seatbelt, keeping the mind from jostling around during influence.

Exactly what caught Surabhi’s attention had been another protective feature of woodpecker physiology. “The woodpecker is one of the just birds on the planet where in actuality the beak as well as the head are not joined collectively, ” Surabhi claims. The bottom of beak while the head are separated by a little bit of versatile, spongy cartilage, which will act as a shock absorber and helps cushion duplicated blows.

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