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Candy paint colors, occasionally known as Kandy paint too, tend to be very sought-after by car and motorcycle enthusiasts due to their special appearance. This unique class of automotive colors have now been employed by custom painters for longer than 60 years in order to make vehicles stand out through the typical automotive finish and tend to be nonetheless well-accepted these days this is exactly why. This page has actually more in depth information about candy shows and functions photo galleries of our candy colors.

If you're perhaps not famliar with all the appearance of candy paints begin to see the gallery below. Shown when you look at the gallery tend to be our most well known candy colors in both 2K Urethane and Candy Basecoat Colors. The Candy Basecoats tend to be shown over grayscale whereas the urethane candy colors tend to be shown over stellar silver. Scroll right down to find out about candy paints.

Just How Candy Paint Functions

Candy colors operate in combination with reflective basecoats, frequently metallic, and clearcoat to generate a finish system that exhibits a deep, colored glow that's not achievable with typical automotive paints. As such, these colors tend to be reported to be a “three stage” or “tricoat” system.

How Candy Paint Works

The system works provided the candy layer is transparent. Therefore, special proprietary coloring representatives can be used to provide an extremely transparent finish. An element of the appeal of this kind of shade is the possibility to create different kinds of the colors through various base colors. Since the base color contributes highly into the final color, switching the base color can dramatically, or subtly change the colour of the ultimate finish. Also, the number of layers or coats needed to achieve the final color usually results in a really deep and damp searching final finish. In fact, in a lot of circles kandy paint is renowned for the “wet look” the maximum amount of or higher compared to the uniqueness regarding the color it self.

The kandy shade look is really special but does come with some downsides. Unfortuitously, the special coloring representatives regularly give a real candy appearance usually do not resist attach through the sun’s U.V. rays for long periods of time. With respect to the degree of outside publicity candy shows can last anywhere from one to five years and in some cases much more prior to the candy layer begins to diminish to a washed out look. It’s impractical to anticipate with lots of definitely how long a kandy paint task might endure. One of the most crucial aspects influencing the durability of the finishes may be the quality of the clearcoat. Clears must-have a good mixture of U.V. screeners and durable resins to help reduce the degree of UV exposure regarding the candy level. Our UreKem clears are fortified with a synergistic mixture of UV decreasing additives. One other downside of candy paints is the fact that they tend to be much more difficult to apply evenly than typical automotive finishes, however, professional customized painters usually master the strategies relatively rapidly.

Forms of Candy Paint

There are different types of candy paint, each having its very own optimal area of usage. The 4 kinds at this time available on the market when it comes to popularity consist of;

  1. catalyzed urethane candy
  2. pearl altered candy base layer
  3. candy concentrates
  4. candy base coating

Catalyzed urethane candys happen available for years and take into account the largest group of candy paints. These finishes need an activator and consist of urethane resins which have a great durability to environmental attack. They appear shiny when used yet still need an obvious for most readily useful durability. Candy base coat is a genuine base coat form of candy. This variety is a favorite option for pictures as a result of the quicker dry and simple taping in comparison with the catalyzed urethane candy. Pearl modified candy base coating is candy base coat with a particular pearl included with each color gives a sparkle impact and reduces transparency to a small degree. The advantage of this sort is it really is much easier to spray evenly than urethane candy while the base shade underneath is less important into last shade. Pearl customized candy base is a well known product to many customized painters and air brush artists.

Candy focuses tend to be concentrated types of the special color agents that make candy shows feasible. They are a fantastic device on expert custom painter to customize finishes for varying customer style. Candy focuses would be best used to add level and richness to current basecoat colors. By incorporating candy focuses with pearl and metallic base coating colors wealthy candy like colors can be generate that are as unique since the person that produced all of them. While some many people use candy focuses in conjunction with 2K clears and intercoat clears to help make pure candy colors, this approach will not provide optimal durability and security. Using a properly stabilized candy formula as Pre-packaged candy colors usually are give something that lasts longer both in the might as well as on your car or truck. At this time, UreKem may be the only supplier of most 4 types through the factory and we keep these things inside shop for an amazing cost.

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