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Motorcycle paint techniques

EXPERT: Peter "Hot-dog" Finlan, Hot-dog Kustoms

Painting features an ease and approachability many various other crafts try not to. Every person who’s visited preschool sees a brush, right? But there’s never ever engine building or welding classes at that age. About not at my public school.

Despite our very early exposure to painting, few ever master color, graphics, and finish. Great paint because of the correct striping will make or break the existence of any motorcycle, hand-built or perhaps.

The reason why if the dedicated hobbyist or aspiring hand-builder focus on pinstriping? Because for about $40, you can get a couple cans of quality paint and a few brushes and you are running a business “pulling outlines, ” as Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan calls it. What does hot-dog understand striping? He’s been painting motorbikes and automobiles for 35 many years, has already established “hundreds of mag covers, ” and had been the artist at western Coast Choppers for seven years during its crazy heyday. I initially knowingly ran into their Hot Dog Kustoms (hotdogkustoms.com or @hotdogkustoms on Instagram) work at the Born-Free bike show many years ago and had been impressed because of the execution and information inside the work—particularly into the striping, though Finlan’s images and general artwork abilities (like in spraying base colors, etc.) tend to be remarkable.

The 1st step to making stripes? Practice on cup or some other area you'll wipe clean and start over. That’s one of several beauties of striping: in the event that you don’t want it, wipe it off. Decide To Try that with a negative weld on the alloy gas tank…

Utilize oil-based enamel paint to put outlines on a current paint task. Finlan uses the brand name 1 Shot with this variety of work.

The classic Mack Brush Company sword-shaped striping brush has actually a “belly” that holds paint in storage. Says Mack’s website: “Natural tresses will hold a tremendous level of paint as it features microscopic scales over the shaft associated with the hair.” So because of the right type of paint “you can set a line from headlight to taillight on an automobile, ” Finlan says. It must succeed simple to do a little easy, clean stripes on your bike gas tank without a lift of the brush.

And Finlan recommends a huge quantity of rehearse doing just what he calls “mechanical striping, ” that will be simply laying a right or curved range or accent on bodywork. “You must be able to perform the line before you do the design, ” he claims. Everybody else envisions and aspires to pinstriping as illustrated into the picture, but that only comes from developing a deep and enduring relationship with the tools and process of laying a line down with control first.

“we don’t consider the brush when I’m doing it any longer, ” Finlan reveals. “The tool is a normal section of my hand. We concentrate on exactly what I’m doing with all the brush, perhaps not the brush it self.”

The guidelines to get begun, though, tend to be quick according to Finlan: “Position the part. Cleanse the area with prep solvent. We run quarter-inch masking tape as a guideline for just what I’m gonna do then run the stripe an eighth inches away.”

After talking with Finlan, it now is practical for me when I see a striper’s store and discover almost everything features stripes and accents painted on it—toolbox, trash can, paper-towel dispenser, coffeemaker. Life and learning are a continuing test out the equipment associated with trade additionally the common objects that surround us.

In terms of shooting yours base coats, Finlan provides a care: “With spraying, you will find 100 technical things included and 100 various ways you can perform a paint task.” He states that on a full work of spraying base coat, graphics, and stripes, it is all carried out in notably less forgiving urethane paint because the whole task will likely be clear-coated.

However, if you want to lay several enamel outlines on your black colored Sportster? “i really could demonstrate all you need to learn about pinstriping in 10 minutes. Then you need training.”

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