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Painting your Motorcycle

The skin is manufactured out of fibre glass vowen, epoxy, putty and paint. It's possible that polyester based resin may be used in the place of epoxy but I do not recommend it. Healed polyester will allow vapors through in addition to danger of finding yourself with a skin with similar issue while the container isn't attractive.

You will need vowen for epoxy and real epoxy. Aquatic level epoxy such as for instance System three or MAS or others does the task.

The putty are produced from mixing a filler into the epoxy such as for instance little baloons or lumber flour. Readily available 2 component putty can be used rather than program.

I would suggest polyurethane 2 component paint. It's going to offer a UV resistent, nice and sturdy finish. Any paint store or marine paint shop will be able to provide you with a good paint.

Simply speaking, the method will be saturate fibre glass fabric with damp epoxy and also to build a skin. 3 levels of vowen is sufficient to own a stronger and rigid skin. After that, you are going to use putty, sand, much more putty through to the surface is decent enough the paint it.

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