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This tutorial will teach you steps to make a seamless starscape background in Photoshop.
So what can you are doing with a history texture like this? The sky’s the limit! … er, sorry couldn’t help myself :)

Step One

Start by creating a brand new document. It is advisable to make it instead huge (the instance is 512px) as you don’t desire the performers in the history to look repeated. Then make a fresh layer and fill it with black.


Next we shall produce the stars. Head to Filter » Noise » combine sound, and look the Gaussian and Monocromatic options. You don’t need an excessive amount of noise—just enough to evenly protect the top without overdoing it (for example some 12 had been made use of).

Step Three

Now, apply Filter » Blur » Gaussian Blur, to thicken up some of the soon-to-be performers (a setting of approximately 0.5 should work). After that, select Image » change » Threshhold, and pull the slider to the left to over 38 roughly. Don’t stress! It won’t look awful like this for long =)

Step 4

After that we’ll soften it right back up with another pass of Gaussian Blur. Based the method that you wish your performers ahead away, a setting of approximately 0.7 (but ideally not much over 1.0) should work well.

Step 5

Today, we’ll atart exercising . detail… make a unique layer, make white your foreground shade, and select the Airbrush tool. Drag the Pressure for Airbrush down seriously to a very reasonable environment. Today choose a star and keep the Airbrush directly on it’s center and paint somewhat little bit of radiance onto the star. Continue this on many performers throughout your starscape, and be sure never to put the shining movie stars too close to each other. In the event that you complete and choose you’d love to reduce the number of radiance, you'll lower the opacity for the level quite until you’re pleased. Whenever done, merge both layers collectively.

Step 6

The last step, in the event that you intend to turn your starscape in to a smooth background, is always to make sure that the four sides of the image will tile correctly. For this, go to Filter » Other » Offset, check the Wrap Around option, and feedback a horizontal and vertical worth of about 1/2 the dimensions of your picture. In the event that you notice any places that don’t match, correct those spots together with your Airbrush (set to black). Once everything outlines up, keep your image and employ it as a background for your internet site, or what you may like!

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