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Andrea O’Donnell

First Class Bad Ass Stencils

First Class Bad Ass Stencils are made by several of the most BadAss and skilled musicians and artists in the Bodyart and airbrushing industry:

Yolanda Bar...

Andrea O'Donnell has been generating beauty in a variety of forms for more than 25 years. Soon after earning the woman license in cosmetology at 18, she discovered that makeup ended up being her enthusiasm and immediately embarked upon a fruitful independent career that holds regular and powerful even today. In 2004, after over 10 years of working primarily with runway fashion shows, unique activities and weddings in salon/spa business, Andrea combined the woman passion for paint, art and shade together skill, experience and understanding in makeup artistry, and started targeting imaginative, intensely colorful makeup and body paint applications for editorial shoots, studio jobs and live occasions.

This season Andrea created and launched Bad Ass Stencils, a line of multi-tasking tools specifically made for human body painters, which quickly became very well-known products inside face and the body art world. These days, the Bad Ass Stencils brand comes around the world, and includes different growth products such Bad Ass Minis, Bad Ass Brows and Half Ass Stencils, each designed to fit the requirements of numerous person performers including face painters, makeup artists, haunters, crafters, house decorators, automotive and visual performers, in order to name a few.

Andrea’s talent for effectively combining the standard using not-so- old-fashioned in the wonderful world of makeup products has actually generated a tremendously intriguing and fulfilling job which gives her with opportunities to travel, assist a-listers and share the woman enthusiasm with other people all over the world. The woman work is published many times both nationwide and internationally, and she's been recognized with several prizes on her art, including numerous First Place and People's possibility wins at the 2009, 2011 and 2012 Face and the body Art Global Conventions among others, but through most of these successes, her objectives have actually remained exactly the same; to carry awareness to and express human anatomy artwork as a legitimate talent, to greatly help all designers work smarter, maybe not harder, and most importantly to constantly Do everything you love, and love that which you do!”

Bad Ass Stencils by Andrea O’Donnell

Desire exciting airbrush stencils at great prices? Desire some thing elegant and attractive? Or perhaps you'll not be airbrushing but desire stencils which can be crazy innovative, fun and on-trend? After that Bad Ass Stencils are for your needs!

  • Bad Ass Full-size

    BadAss Stencils: full-size These 8.5” x 11” stencils have numerous styles (even more value for your money!) and come-on durable, versatile...

  • BABS-Bad Ass Brows

    BadAss Brow Stencils: Eyebrow Stencils Whether you're getting dolled up for Halloween or perhaps you're doing the makeup for a Broadway tv show, BABS have actually so...

  • BABB-Brow Bundles

    BABB: BadAss Brow Bundles we have taken any preferred BABS and bundled all of them collectively into 5 amazing selections! Each themed bundle includes 10 ...


    BAM-PAX BadAss Stencils the modern version to the BadAss Stencil line: BAM-PAX! Each BAM-PAX has actually 5 themed BAMS per sheet, Individual stencil dimensions...

  • HAS- 1 / 2 Ass Stencils

    Features: HALF ASS STENCILS Half Ass Stencils bring the term Bargain to a whole new degree. Each Features is some 11 stencils (whoa!) which are each 3.3&...

  • Hot Wingz

    Hot Wingz Stencils Hot Wingz stencils have actually a distinctive wing shape that's designed to fit perfectly round the attention area. Built-in on every Hot Profit...

  • BAMS- Bad Ass Minis

    BAMS: BadAss Mini Stencils The mischievous small sister of Bad Ass Full Size Stencils, BAMS tend to be 3.5” x 5”, generally feature one rad...

  • BAMS-Pro Sets

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